South Pacific Dream 2.0

south pacific travel

The South Seas is not a destination for Europeans. The trouble of traveling is basically only worthwhile if you have a few months to get around there. Thirty-eight hours of travel from door to door. Of that, twenty-four hours of pure flight time and fourteen hours waiting time at the airports of Berlin, Frankfurt, Singapore and Brisbane. This … Continue reading South Pacific Dream 2.0

3.456 miles across Mauritania


We come to mind, with our money, our values and a less of time. We want pictures that serve our stereotypes. Images of a peaceful and healing world where Muslims and Christians are friends. People who accept their differences and learn from each other. But we know that reality is different. The Foreign Office writes: „We are … Continue reading 3.456 miles across Mauritania


USA Road Trip

There had to be travel which is dedicated to the southwest United States a second time. On our first trip to the “wild west”, we couldn’t see everything that we wanted to. There are just too many state parks, national monuments and national parks(NP) that are well worth a visit. Some of the hot spots … Continue reading TRACES OF STONES