South Pacific Dream 2.0

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The South Seas is not a destination for Europeans. The trouble of traveling is basically only worthwhile if you have a few months to get around there. Thirty-eight hours of travel from door to door. Of that, twenty-four hours of pure flight time and fourteen hours waiting time at the airports of Berlin, Frankfurt, Singapore and Brisbane. This … Continue reading South Pacific Dream 2.0

North Spitsbergen – In search of Polar Bear & Pack Ice

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It was a wonderful sunny day in Longyearbyen when we made our way to the port. The little blue ship Plancius was already waiting for us at the pier. We watched how the luggade was craned on board, then it was time for us to walk up the gangway for the very first time. Hotel manager Zsuzsanna welcomed us and the friendly Philippine crew showed us to our cabins. We had some time to explore the ship before we all gathered in the lounge for an introduction to the ship and a safety briefing by first officer Miia. Then the lines were cast off and we were under way, our adventure had begun. The colourful houses of Longyearbyen grew smaller and we sailed out into the Isfjord. The next program point was the practical part of the lifeboat drill. Equipped with warm clothes and our bright orange life jackets we first mustered in the lounge and then went out on deck to inspect the lifeboats. Let´s hope that we will never have to see them from the inside again. After the drill we were in for a treat: The Captain´s Cocktail. We met our Russian captain Andrei Zybin and toasted with him and the expedition team to successful and safe voyage.

Abu Dhabi – TOP 10

Scheich-Zayid-Moschee Abu Dhabi

  Abu Dhabi, die Hauptstadt der Vereinigten Arabischen Emirate kennen sicher viele als Luftdrehkreuz zu allen Kontinenten. Rund zwanzig Fluggesellschaften befördern jährlich etwa zwanzig Millionen Fluggäste. Aber nur wenige kennen Abu Dhabi als Reiseziel. In Luxus-Hotels residieren. Durch Sanddünen wandeln. Dem Muezzin-Ruf lauschen. Die Hitze aushalten. Arabische Speisen genießen. Architektonischen Wahnsinn bestaunen. Kommt mit nach … Continue reading Abu Dhabi – TOP 10